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ProActive Coaching!

Jeff Buraglio is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).and Exercise Physiologist (ACSM EP-C). Jeff has over 15 years experience training amateur and professional cyclists, runners and triathletes, as well as elite athletes from Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, US Olympic and Paralympic teams, and NCAA Division 1 football, basketball and volleyball. Jeff uses proven periodization techniques to maximize performance and enhance recovery and tailors each plan to the athlete, sport, season and lifestyle, an often-overlooked but critically important training variable. Get the most out of your engine and perform at your peak!

Not an athlete? No problem. Jeff applies the same principals used to train athletes to a variety of clientele, whether your goal is weight loss or fitness improvement. Each plan is designed specifically for you and your lifestyle. Jeff will take the time to listen to your concerns, assess your current level of fitness and create an effective, results-oriented training plan to help you achieve your goal.


All training plans include a one-on-one consultation, ongoing email support and a 15% discount on initial metabolic assessments.

Athletic Performance: To excel at sports, you need a finely-tuned engine. A solid aerobic base is the foundation for success. Jeff’s plans have been developed with elite athletes to maximize aerobic capacity while training your body to burn more fat. Raise your Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds, improve your body’s ability to buffer lactate, and increase your speed, Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and VOmax. Plans start at $99. Active Metabolic Rate assessment required (not included).

Metabolic MappingTM: Running a 10k? Competing in a half IRONMAN? Cycling your first century? If you already have a training plan from Hal Higdon, TrainingPeaks, Team in Training, etc. Jeff will take the results from your Active Metabolic Rate assessment and map your optimal heart rate training zones onto your plan so you’re always at the proper intensity. Plus, using your unique metabolic fingerprint, Jeff will teach you how to calculate the calories you need to fuel your body before, during and after training. Plans start at $79. Active Metabolic Rate Assessment required (not included).

Fitness Improvement: Fitness means different things to different people, but the goal is the same: get better! Whether that’s playing rec league basketball, running your first 5k or just being able to keep up with your kids, Jeff’s fitness improvement plans will help you succeed. The underlying principal is a “time efficient” workout. In other words, you’ll always be at the proper intensity so you get the most out of each workout and aren’t wasting your time at the gym. Quality over quantity! Plans start at $79. Active Metabolic Rate Assessment required (not included).


Weight Loss: Your metabolism is like your fingerprint: it is unique to you. Most diets fail because they ignore this fact. The “one size fits all” approach to weight loss simply doesn’t work. Whether you want to lose a little or a lot, Jeff’s weight loss plans will help you succeed. The key is measuring your metabolism at rest and during exercise, which identifies the proper calorie intake and optimal exercise intensity for your body. Many people are surprised to learn they are eating too little and exercising too hard to lose weight! Plans start at $79. Resting Metabolic Rate and Active Metabolic Rate Assessment required (not included).

Jeff Buraglio and Nate Grimm are Exercise Physiologists and Endurance Coaches available right here at ProActive!

Nate Grimm, Owner of Endurance Matters LLC partners with ProActive as an Exercise Physiologist and Endurance Coach.  Nate has started his coaching business after studying exercise physiology for almost a decade, now armed with all the tools and services of the ProActive Performance Center he can bring you the knowledge and expertise about training more effectively to reach your goals.


Nate provides detailed and goal specific training plans for individuals of all skill levels. Beginners and recreational runners, to competitive post collegiate and elite athletes, at any distance can prosper from this individualized coaching. His plans are tailored specific to your needs with a balance of building your endurance but also building your muscular strength with a focus on injury prevention, because a healthy runner is a happy runner. Nate works hard to improve your endurance and strength so you can Be ProActive and Prosper.


Signing on for coaching with Nate gives you quicker access to all the performance center has to offer! Physical Therapy from any one of the amazing professionals on ProActive’s Team, sports massage from Jonathan Garcia, or even Nutritional counseling from Katie Kissane!


Check out Nate’s training plans and coaching offers below!

One-on-One Training Consultations ($50):
-1.5 hour meeting at ProActive Physical Therapy
-Help establishing realistic training goals
-Previous training analysis
​-Running form analysis
-Strength and Mobility Session


Personal Coaching

Experience personal coaching with one-on-one sessions at the track, trails and in ProActive Physical Therapy
-Individualized Endurance training plans adjusted weekly
-Individualized Strength and Mobility routines adjusted weekly
-One-on-One Strength and Mobility sessions every training block.
-Coach Grimm attendance for at least one quality workout every training block.
-Weekly feedback via e-mail and Free running log: (R2W)
-Access to Endurance Matters Team on R2W
-Unlimited E-mail/Text access during normal business hours


Online Coaching available too!

If you are interested in Coaching with Nate fill out this new runner profile google form and Nate will reach out to you!

Contact Jeff or Nate for your initial assessment today!


Body Composition Analysis

Scale weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass (muscle). That’s why it’s important to also know your body composition. During this short 15-minute assessment, we take skinfold measurements with Lange calipers, the gold standard for measuring body composition manually, to determine your body fat % and calculate lean and fat mass. Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness or athletic performance, a body composition analysis is valuable information you need to succeed!


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