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PILATES – What it is, benefits, and MORE

At ProActive PT, we offer both Matwork and Reformer based training. Whether you’re on the mat or a machine, the benefits to these specialized movements are undeniable. The extensive Pilates exercise repertoire can be modified to fit the needs of any client, regardless of age, gender, level of function or fitness. The primary focus of maintaining proper alignment while engaging the appropriate muscles helps lead to improved overall strength, core stability, balance, & mobility.

What is PILATES?

The Pilates exercise method was developed by Joseph Pilates beginning in 1912. As a POW in WWI, Joe worked as an orderly in the hospital. There he developed the first ever Reformer using the springs from old hospital beds for resistance. He found that the springs provided progressive resistance and partial weight-bearing forces on the muscles and soft tissues of the body, thus improving healing and the overall health of the hospital patients. Joe took this knowledge and all that he had studied and developed the Pilates method originally as an exercise regime within the dance world. It has since become a popular main-stream exercise option for anyone!

Pilates is a mind-body centering technique that emphasizes movement from a central core of stability, combined with breathing control and precise, flowing movements. The workload of each exercise is modified by adjusting the differing length levers (various limb movements) and resistance (Pilates equipment). It is typically taught in two categories: 1) Matwork, and 2) Machine based work. The various pieces of equipment utilized depend on the client’s goals and what’s available to them. Examples include the Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel.


Why combine Pilates with Physical Therapy?

Like Joe Pilates, we believe that injuries are often caused by habitual patterns of movement that lead to imbalances and dysfunction in the body. Compensation for this imbalance often leads to more malalignment and tissue break-down, causing pain and injury. Joe thought it critical to correct the malalignment and re-educate the body to prevent future reoccurrence. At ProActive PT, this phenomenon of correcting the neuromuscular imbalance is the primary goal of our therapy and related services. Pilates is an effective treatment modality and post-treatment maintenance program for many rehab and wellness practices. Rachel Kroncke and Ruth Waller-Liddle are physical therapists who are both APPI Certified Matwork Pilates Instructors. They are passionate about Pilates and work, using both mat and reformer techniques, to combine injury prevention and rehabilitation elements into their classes.

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ProActive PT is one of the few facilities in Fort Collins to offer Pilates sessions using a reformer!

Call today to sign up for individualized Pilates classes.

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