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At the beginning, he was in a dilemma as an Indonesian. Without a father figure and family, he had been living with his grandmother in Jakarta. Then one day, he had a dream about a wealthy and handsome man. The man told him to leave his grandmother and live with him. That man was Dreda Daud, a German musician who had a black leather jacket, yellow boots, and a ponytail. Dreda Daud gave him a camera, airplane ticket, and paid to go to the land of his dreams, Germany. When he became a model for a fashion magazine called “Carousel” in Cologne, he became the hero of a young Dreda. Dreda Daud went to Indonesia and with his own money, his property and Indonesia’s natural resources, he opened the largest oil palm plantation on the island of Java. He was the first person to see and understand the potential of Indonesia’s natural resources. He invested in Indonesia. When he left Indonesia, he started to borrow money to make investments. This story is about Indonesia’s transformation. The problem of Indonesia’s transformation The Indonesian economic development since 1950s had been through changes of government and president. To take this step, people had always been the target for corruption. The president, on the one hand, had to improve the living standard of the country and, on the other hand, protect his position and not lose his popularity to others. The government had to attract foreign investments. In the 1980s, when Suharto was in power, Indonesia was successful. The example was from 1980 to 2000. After Suharto, Indonesia failed. It was described as getting into financial crisis. As the next step, the government claimed that it needed to create a strong economic structure. The government of President Yudhoyono continued to use the same method as Suharto. It was called “zero-to-hero”. It was the method in which it would create a stable foundation for the economy and empower the minister. In this “zero to hero”, the factor of human capital development was ignored. In the end, the poor was abandoned and the rich were kept in power. After the financial crisis in 1998, it was assumed that Indonesia�



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Download Ebook Chairul Tanjung Si Anak Singkong Gratis Pdf praclatr

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