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Nate Grimm, MS


Nate has been studying exercise physiology the last 7 years earning a Bachelor's degree from The University of Mount Union and a Master’s Degree from Colorado State University. This has allowed him to understand the effects of exercise on the human body in populations ranging from competitive athletes to sedentary populations. His  personal interests include many endurance activities such as running and cycling. He has been a competitive runner for over 12 years specializing in the 5k (15:40 PB) and more recently the half marathon (1:19 PB). This year he will make his first attempt at ultra marathon running. He also has begun to explore cycle tourism with a two month 2300+ mile tour of western Europe. He hopes to share his enthusiasm for endurance sport and healthy living with everyone he meets and coaches.

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Jeff Buraglio, CSCS, ACSM EP-C


Jeff is a graduate of the University of Illinois and is an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Jeff has been performing metabolic assessments for 15 years in clinical and research environments, and on elite athletes in MLB, NHL, US Olympic and Paralympic teams, and NCAA Div 1 football, basketball and volleyball. During the last 8 years, Jeff has focused on his love of endurance sports, working with amateur and professional cyclists, runners and triathletes. He is known for his effective, results-oriented training programs for athletic performance, fitness improvement and weight loss. Jeff combines his passion for the field with the diverse knowledge and experience necessary to help anyone achieve their goals.


In his free time, Jeff enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, kayaking and spending time with his wife, Kim, and their pug, Yoshi.

October 22nd - Free Falls Prevention Screening

ProActive PT will be joining with Covell Care & Rehabilitation, LLC to host a community event discussing falls among older adults. Our speakers will be discussing the following:

  • Research regarding PREVALENCE & COMMON CAUSES of falls

  • How to determine if YOU or a LOVED ONE are at risk

  • How to DECREASE YOUR RISK of falls

  • What to do if you DO fall

Join us for this FREE informational event. See more information here!

Postural Restoration Institute® Course
ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center will be hosting  Impingement and Instability, an advanced lecture offered through the Postural Restoration Institute ®. This lecture and demonstration course will explore issues of impingement and instability as they relate to the Left AIC and Right BC pattern and associated reference centers. Participants will be able to immediately apply PRI clinical assessment and management skills when treating diagnoses such as calcaneal instability, knee instability, hip impingement, ilium instability, scapular instability, shoulder impingement, and multidirectional HG and FA instability. 
Prior attendance of both Myokinematic Restoration and Postural Respiration is recommended.
Click HERE to register!

September 12th - Better Bite and Breathing

ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center is excited to host the APTA Northeast District Event. Our clinic will be presenting "The Better Bite and Breathing Program: An introduction to a novel approach to promote proper occlusion, nasal breathing, and airway expansion in the developing child."   The presentation is open to the public and will have a focus toward physical therapists, dentists, dental hygienists, and orthodontists. We will discuss how entwined dental health, airway efficiency, musculoskeletal issues, and neurological issues can be. The presentation will offer suggestions as to what we, as preventative healthcare providers, can do about it.

CE Credit: Category II - 1 point (s)

Cost: Non-members - $20; PT & PTA Members - $10; Students - $5

Click Here to Register!

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Johnny Griffin -- The Director

Johnny is from West Virginia, but grew up near the small town of Bethune in eastern Colorado. He recently graduated from CSU with a Bachelor's of Science in Health and Exercise Science, concentrating in Sports Medicine. Shortly after, he received an internship opportunity with ProActive that helped confirm his passion for helping people in this career field. He is actively pursuing admission into a graduate program to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 


In his free time, Johnny enjoys playing any sport, biking, fishing, hiking and camping, and tasting the best beers around Fort Collins. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family, and his dog, Maple. 

Ask Johnny a question HERE!


Amanda Lederhos -- The Boss

Amanda grew up in Aurora, Colorado and moved to Fort Collins to go to CSU. She recently graduated in December of 2018, completing a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science. She plans to apply to graduate school to earn her doctorate in Physical Therapy. In the meantime, Amanda works as the Assistant Director for Brain Balance; a center for children with neurological disorders, and also at a Parkinson’s research lab at CSU.


In her free time, she loves hiking, skiing, and anything outdoors. Amanda is motivated by helping people of all ages reach their full physical and emotional potential so that they can lead happy and healthy lives.

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