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ProActive PT and Performance has therapists who can evaluate a patient's feet to determine if PRI® orthotics may be helpful.

PRI® orthotics may be prescribed for a number of reasons: 

  • Minimize foot and ankle pain.

  • Decrease problems associated with bunions, hammertoes, etc.

  • Decrease problems related to poor foot function such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, frequent ankle sprains, etc.

  • Avoid or postpone surgical procedures being considered for changes in bone structure.

  • Help individuals sense the ground better.

  • Compliment the success of your Postural Restoration® program for related problems (pain in hips, knees, back).

Impressions of your feet are taken. These impressions are sent to Dr. Paul Coffin, the creator of PRI® orthotics. Custom inserts are made and sent back to ProActive PT. To learn more about Dr. Paul Coffin, click here.

Postural Restoration Institute ®(PRI) orthotics are custom arch supports that are created based on  solid principals of lower extremity biomechanics. PRI® orthotics are several steps ahead of most other orthotics. 

  • They realign joints of the foot so that foot and ankle muscles and tendons can be active in a more optimal position.

  • They are highly-contoured to the patient's foot which provides more proprioception and sensory information for the brain to analyze. This allows the patient to be more aware and comfortable with controlling the foot in midstance.

  • They promote proper alignment of the big toe joint, ankle, knee, hips, pelvis, and on up the spine.

  • The orthotics are made of non-compressible, flexible materials that can move within normal motion of the foot during the gait cycle while still providing support. The orthotic is designed to make the foot, the shoe, and the orthotic all function as one unit adapting the lower extremity to hard, flat surfaces.

  • Ultimately, these orthotics help to promote proper foot position and change lower leg mechanics to allow the individual to function better.

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