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Postural Restoration® (PRI)

What is Postural Restoration® (PRI)

  • The science of Postural Restoration® (PRI) is based on the anatomical asymmetry and asymmetrical patterns of muscle pull that develop due to postural habits, repetitive movements, and side dominance.

  • Our bodies are not symmetrical and we never use our bodies equally on each side. This often explains why a person can develop pain only on one side or a joint on one side wears out more than the other. Our neurology, respiratory, circulatory, and vision systems are not the same on the left and right sides of the body!

  • PRI recognizes these fundamental asymmetries of the body and how they play a role in our patients’ symptoms and performance. A goal for treatment is to get into a state of neutrality where one has better neuro-motor balance between right and left halves.

  • Appreciating these asymmetries leads to more effective treatment to restore proper reciprocal, alternating function. It also helps to prevent future problems.



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What to Expect with a PRI Intervention

  • You will likely do different activities on your right and left sides

  • To restore a more neutral pattern of moving, stretching and strengthening will be different on each side.

  • Different injuries may be addressed depending on the side of the body the injury is and how are present with your body’s asymmetry. For instance, right knee pain will be addressed differently than left knee pain. We may use different exercises to address right shoulder impingement vs. left shoulder impingement and so on. These exercises are completely dependent on how you present and will likely be different than your friend who had a similar injury.

  • There will be a big emphasis on breathing.

  • PRI utilizes respiratory mechanics to restore a positive change in the way your move, breath, and feel.


  • You will feel different after doing the PRI exercises!

  • Different in a good way! None of the techniques will hurt; many people will feel better soon after completing PRI exercises.

  • ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center is the only Postural Restoration Certified Center™ in the state of Colorado. Craig Depperschmidt and Brian Benjamin are both Postural Restoration Certified™ therapists. Feel free to email or call us if you have further questions about the PRI science and interventions.

For more information, check out the PRI website page:

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Craig, Brian, and Rachel during their trip to the Postural Restoration Institute® in Lincoln, NE for a PRI course. 
ProActive PT has hosted several PRI courses in Fort Collins. Health care providers, personal trainers, and anyone else who has an interest in human anatomy and performance is welcome to sign up for these courses!
Click here to find out more information on upcoming PRI courses! 
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