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 Bike Fit

at the ProActive PT Performance Lab

Fort Collins has a world-class cycling culture with great biking paths, fantastic mountain roads, and plenty of breweries embracing the popularity of bikes. Bicycling is fun and healthy, as long as there is not pain or injury. Have you ever had knee pain with cycling? Neck pain? Back pain? Numbness? These are frustrating issues that can be resolved by a proper bike fit with a physical therapist. Getting your bike properly fitted to your body is a critical step in helping you to improve your bicycle experience and to achieve your goals.

What is a Bike Fit?


A medical bike fit at ProActive is done by a physical therapist trained in fitting the bike to your body and your body to the bike. The bike fit will include a physical assessment, measurements of your current bike set-up, modifications to the bike with new measurements, as well as physical “cues” unique to your body to make sure your body is in an optimal position on the bike.

With the bike fit, we will take into consideration your personal goals, your background and history, musculoskeletal function assessment, and assessment of your current equipment. All of this info is vital for your comfort and performance on the bike. Good bike fits combine all of the information with suggestions on new equipment to allow for an optimal experience on the bike. Measurement of the bike after the fit process will allow you to have a personal record to refer back to as needed.

Why Get a Bike Fit?

Cycling is not natural for the body. It requires being in a fixed position at your feet, saddle, and handlebars for prolonged periods. Being in even a slightly sub-optimal position will often result in pain, injury, or abnormal muscle tightness. Physical therapists have specialized training in biomechanics and cycling injuries. Rather than fitting to “average” angles that one should be at, this training creates a unique assessment to allow us to fit the bike to your body. We can appreciate your physical asymmetries, imbalances, strengths, and weaknesses to fit the body on the bike and the bike to the body. This will often address any cycling-related injuries and prevent any future injuries that may occur from improper fit and biomechanics.

Who is Craig?

Craig Depperschmidt is a physical therapist at ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center. He has 20 years of cycling experience. This experience includes racing Ironman distance triathlons, mountain bike races, road cycling races, cycling across the country, and regular commuting to work. He works with any cyclist needing help and implements individualized changes to help them reach their goals.


Craig has specialty training with BikePT for medical bike fits. BikePT is recognized as the definitive education source on bicycling related injuries, treatment, and bicycling biomechanics for healthcare professionals and all bicyclists.

Craig enjoys cycling as much as anyone, and wants others to have a pain-free cycling experience in order to appreciate the joys of cycling.


Whether your goals are to race at a high level in cycling or triathlon, train for a charity ride, or simply get out on the bike path a few miles per week, he will help you get comfortable on the bike. Feel free to contact Craig at for any questions regarding the bike fit process.

What is Expected with a Bike Fit?

Expect the bike fit to take around an hour. Bring in your bike, cycling attire, and cycling shoes. You will be given pre- and post-bike fit measurements to refer to. There may be a need to get new equipment after the fit, such as a stem or new saddle.

We will help direct you to a bike shop to purchase this.

The bike fit will take approximately 60-90 minutes one-on-one with Craig

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