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ProActive Physical Therapy
provides physical therapy and exercise solutions to help individuals get better and prosper.

Our Services

ProActive Physical Therapy is a leader in orthopedic physical therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, and preventative wellness that has proudly served Fort Collins since 2008. ProActive's dedicated staff provides patients with personalized and effective care, and strives to educate and empower patients to restore their function and help them prevent future problems.


You do not need a referral to come to physical therapy. Your care is up to you. Physicians may recommend where you receive care, but you decide where you wish to go for physical therapy treatment. We do our best to get patients in ASAP.


At ProActive PT, we focus on root causes of problems, not just symptoms. Our trained therapists work to find the source of the problem, restore range of movement, optimize your movements, and teach patients how to prevent compensations that may cause these problems.


ProActive's clinicians use multiple manual and exercise techniques and disciplines.  The clinic also uses state-of-the-art Med-X rehabilitation equipment to keep clients safe and on track with recovery. We’ll work closely with you and your physician to design a treatment program to reach your goals.

ProActive PT offers a monthly supervised exercise program for individuals working toward improving their overall strength and activity levels. This program is used as a means to help improve one's strength and prevent future injuries.

Many clients who go through physical therapy at ProActive continue on with our supervised exercise program to stay strong, balanced, and healthy. We work with clients by adjusting their individual program to work toward their specific goals.

ProActive PT has therapists who can evaluate a patient's feet and gait pattern to determine if customized arch supports may be beneficial. Therapists prescribe specially designed PRI® orthotics. These are based on solid principals of lower body mechanics, and are several steps ahead of most other orthotics. 

Just like being properly fitted to a new shoe, individuals should be fitted to their bike, and their bike to them. Living in such a bike-friendly city, ProActive PT wants to provide the resources that allow you to accomplish your cycling goals, whether for performance or recreation, while making sure you feel comfortable, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your overall safety while riding. 

Running is a type of exercise that can hinder performance, or potentially lead to injury, without proper form. Craig Depperschmidt, PT, DPT, PRC is a physical therapist and avid cyclist & runner here at ProActive PT who can ensure you are running at the peak of your performance, while also making sure you are running safely. With Craig's expertise, he will ensure you are performing at your peak with this Gait Analysis!

ProActive PT has teamed up with local orthodontists, dental hygienists, and other local physical therapists in Fort Collins to create the Better Bite & Breathing Program - a program designed to assist your child with proper tooth, mouth, and airway development as they age and grow. This program will help you understand the strong connection between breathing & bite and proper cranial-facial & jaw development in your child, giving you the resources to prevent tooth misalignment, breathing troubles, and musculoskeletal problems in these ares. 


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