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About ProActive Physical Therapy

The owners of ProActive Physical Therapy, Brian Benjamin, PT, DPT, PRC and Andy Collingwood have over 38 years of combined experience with outpatient physical therapy and therapeutic exercise programs. In 2008, they took the positive aspects and approaches in these settings to form the foundation of ProActive PT.   Since then, Ruth Waller, PT, DPT, Craig Depperschmidt, PT, DPT, PRC, Rachel Kroncke, PT, DPT, CPT, and Sara Truelsen, PT, DPT have joined the team and have become an integral part toward the overall growth and success of the ProActive PT.


ProActive PT has been expanding its staff and its networked services to be physical rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise, and athletic performance leaders in the Fort Collins area. An area often overlooked in the recovery process is addressing underlying positional asymmetries and altered biomechanics, which often lead to symptoms of pain and dysfunction.The staff works hard to determine the cause of a problem and not just the symptoms, and does so by using respiratory, manual, and therapeutic exercise techniques to develop an individualized patient program, while also educating patients to prevent future problems.


We are excited to announce that ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center is the only Postural Restoration Center™ in Colorado! All of our staff members have taken continuing education seminars through the Postural Restoration Institute ®. Two of our staff members, Craig Depperschmidt, PT, DPT, PRC and Brian Benjamin, PT, DPT, PRC are certified through PRI. This renowned institute takes a unique approach to physical therapy by looking at an appreciating the importance of polyarticular chains of muscles and their relationship with postural asymmetries.  We are working with other health care professionals to be able to integrate Postural Restoration® concepts into daily activities, workouts, sports performance, and injury prevention. Whether you are interested in making lifestyle changes to lose weight, improve general fitness, or improve athletic performance, these assessments can help achieve your health, fitness, and training goals. To learn more, click here.

ProActive provides undergraduate internship programs for motivated students that are pursuing a degree in Exercise Science or Pre-Physical Therapy programs. The goal of the internship is to expose interns to an effective outpatient physical therapy and therapeutic exercise environment. ProActive creates a non-intimidating atmosphere for patients to recover from injuries, manage disease conditions, and improve overall functional levels. Join our team!

We are very lucky to be living in such a great community and we want to do everything we can to keep this way to both live and work. ProActive PT is committed to building a helping and healthy community. 


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