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Brian Benjamin DPT and owner of ProActive in Northern Colorado

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We are always looking for dedicated interns. 
Have fun. Learn. Get hands on experience. The goal of the internship is to expose interns to an effective outpatient physical therapy, metabolic testing, and therapeutic exercise environment. ProActive creates a non-intimidating atmosphere for patients to recover from injuries, manage disease conditions, and improve overall functional levels.
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Please print the above application, fill it out, and bring it in with you once you   set up an interview with us.

ProActive Internship


1) Interns should be currently enrolled in an accredited university program pursuing a bachelors degree in an exercise science related field or a        pre-physical therapy specialization.  Internships can be for university credit or volunteer status (non-credit). Recent college graduates are also welcome to apply.

2) Interns should have basic core knowledge of exercise physiology, human anatomy, and exercise prescription.

3) Internships normally last an entire semester in duration, commonly 14-16 weeks during the spring, summer, and fall of each school year.  Interns are expected to stay the duration of the scheduled internship. Internships are of a part-time status during each semester.

4) Interns need to submit a completed intern application, cover letter, and resume. Interns are accepted on a rolling basis.  If interested in a particular semester, students should contact us via phone or email to start the application process and set-up an interview visit.

NOTE: Spring internships normally run from mid January through early May.
Summer internships normally run from mid-to-late May through late August.
Fall internships normally run from late August/early September through mid December.

Internships are occasionally available on short notice due to possible unfilled positions or other extenuating circumstances.  Call to find out about the current status of internship availability.

5) Interns should have current CPR and First Aid certifications that last through the scheduled internship dates. Attach a copy of current certifications with the intern application.

6) Interns need to provide all pertinent college internship information to the ProActive internship supervisor if receiving any university credit for the internship.

7) Often, interns are covered with liability insurance under university programs as a registered student. Contact the university internship supervisor about details of liability coverage.

8) Interns need to be friendly, self-motivated and enthusiastic about working with people. Interns must possess good human relation and communication skills and be capable of maintaining a mature professional relationship with clients and staff of various ages.

9) Interns are responsible for his/her own housing.  Housing is not provided, nor is any financial stipend.


1) Provide supervision to exercise and rehab clientele.
2) Develop exercise prescriptions for various populations.
3) Carry-out the opening, closing, and everyday running procedures of daily clinic operations.
4) Assist physical therapists.
5) Maintain a professional appearance, behavior and attitude.
6) Maintain high-quality customer service.
7) Maintain and exhibit a healthy lifestyle and serve as a role model to clients.
8) Complete intern assignments.


The goal of the internship is to expose interns to an effective outpatient physical therapy and therapeutic exercise environment.  ProActive creates a non-intimidating atmosphere for patients to recover from injuries, manage disease conditions and improve overall functional levels.

The internship will expose the intern to therapeutic exercise programs that focus on exercise for health benefits and deal with various populations and disease processes.


Intern schedules normally encompass a Monday through Friday work schedule with varying hours each day. Only part-time internships are available and will vary depending on scheduling needs.


Interns are expected to always dress in a clean and professional manner. Dress code policies include:

1) Shirts should have a collar and be tucked in, no midriff shirts.
2) Slacks and khaki pants are recommended, jeans are not acceptable.
3) All pants should be free of rips, holes and tears.
4) Exercise clothing such as tight fitting spandex is not acceptable.
5) Hair and hygiene must be kept neat, clean, and manageable.
6) Interns are expected to be cleanly shaven.
7) Comfortable, clean shoes are recommended. No open-toe shoes, sandals 
8) No gum chewing is allowed.
9) Pierced ears are the only visible body piercing allowed while working.


Interns will be responsible for projects throughout the semester. Some might include:

  • Inservices on human anatomy

  • Inservices on surgical processes and disease conditions.

  • Research on specific topics and/or articles

  • Developing specific rehabilitation or exercise programs


Please contact us if you are interested in an internship at ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center via email or phone.

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