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Running Gait Analysis

Why Get a Gait Analysis?

Running long distance is a skill like any other sport and should not be painful. Staying healthy while running regularly requires good form for your body. Going for a 5k run or race requires around 3,500-7,000 steps. Running a 3 hour marathon requires over 30,000 steps!

Ensuring that your body is in an optimal position for that level of repetition will not only keep you healthy, but it will also boost performance as you will be utilizing proper muscles during the run. The key is to dial in your own stride that is unique to your body. We see many injuries from people trying to imitate generalized gait recommendations and other “fad” running styles. Avoid falling for these fads and learn what is right for your body.

What Does a Gait Analysis Look Like?

First, Craig will assess your movement patterns and compensations with a thorough physical exam. This will cover range of motion, muscle strength and activation, and functional single leg strength and control. We will assess your feet, both statically and dynamically, to give you specific shoe recommendations that will be optimal for your body.

Video analysis can be done on a treadmill, outside, or both. We often will run slightly differently outside versus inside, so it is important to take that in to consideration. Using the video and visual observation, we will give you verbal cues to move more optimally.

Based on your running analysis and movement screen, you will also likely be given specific exercises to address any strength or range of motion deficits that may be negatively impacting the way you move.  After this assessment you will be much more confident in your body’s resiliency to take on any running challenge you set your mind to!

What Next?

Click below, or call ProActive Physical Therapy and Performance Center at 970-224-4141 to set up your running gait analysis before your next training program. Feel free to email Craig at with any questions you may have.

The gait analysis will take approximately 60-90 minutes one-on-one with Craig

Call for Pricing

Here at ProActive we do running gait analysis outside and on a treadmill. Gait analysis is done with physical therapist Craig Depperschmidt PT, DPT, PRC who is also an avid runner. Craig has completed multiple Ironmans (including Ironman World Championships in Hawaii), Marathons (2:47 PR!), and many other races over the past 20 years. He has been working with runners as a physical therapist for nearly 10 years and is passionate about running in and out of the clinic.

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