Therapy in Your Home

ProActive Physical Therapy offers many of the same services that are provided at our clinic in YOUR home! Enjoy the convenience, comfort, and familiarity of your own home during your physical therapy appointments tailored to your specific functional needs.

If your goal is to remain mobile and independent in your own home, we can help you meet that goal. We are able to identify difficulties or problem areas in your daily routines and develop comprehensive treatment plans to address them.

Physical Therapy in your home can address:

· Muscle weakness

· Decreased tolerance for regular activities

· Fear of falls and falls risk including home safety concerns

· Decline or loss in function

· Difficulty in walking or general mobility

· Pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction

· Poor or worsening posture

We service Fort Collins and North Loveland (North of Highway 34) and our services are covered by Medicare Part B insurance in most cases.


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Same day appointments are available!

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