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Physical Therapists Fort Collins

Be ProActive. Prosper.

Physician referrals are not required for you to come to physical therapy. Take charge of your own health!

Our primary goal at ProActive Physical Therapy in Fort Collins is to return you to normal function as soon as possible. We want to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle and help prevent recurring problems or injuries.  We focus on restoring normal movement patterns that will eliminate many of the painful compensatory patterns that we develop. Through hands-on treatment and exercise strategies, ProActive's highly skilled staff focuses on getting to the root of the problem and avoids symptom-based treatment strategies that have become so commonplace.

ProActive Physical Therapy is the only Postural Restoration Center™ in Fort Collins & Colorado! The staff here works to implement teachings and philosophies of the Postural Restoration Institute®, which explores and explains the science of postural adaptations, asymmetrical patterns, and the influence of polyarticular chains of muscles. 


If you are committed to preventing injuries, restoring your function, improving your overall wellness, and enhancing your physical performance, call ProActive PT to make an appointment today.

What Our Clients are Saying!

John H

 You guys have helped me

achieve a goal in life that I would have thought impossible several years ago. You have my utmost gratitude!

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