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ProLog: Never too old to perform!

The first week of Olympics has been a joy to watch. Incredible athletes performing at the highest level from around the world. This past week we watched Micheal Phelps become the oldest swimmer to win individual gold in swimming. And at 31 he isn't even that old! A recent Sports Illustrated article came out about the exceptional performances of both young and old athletes. Athletes at this Olympics range from a 13 year old swimmer to a 61 year old equestrian. It seems athletes in their 40s are making a lot of headlines, including Meb Keflezighi running the marathon and Bernard Lagat running the 5k, both age 41. This always begs the questions, what makes one resilient to perform at a high lev

ProLog: Key to being an Olympian? Be #ProActive!

Meb Keflezighi is one of the greatest American distance runners of all time. He has been competing at the highest level since high school. Now, at age 41, he is going to his fourth Olympics. His accomplishments include 4 NCAA championships, 22 national championships, a win at Boston and New York marathons, and a silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic marathon. What is the key to his longevity at the highest level of distance running? Being ProActive about his health and doing prehab instead of rehab! Check out what he had to say in this recent Outside Online article: "People say, “Go the extra mile.” But that’s not always a good idea. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to go one mile less. [W

ProLog: Being unfit almost as bad as smoking?

As we mentioned in our last ProLog, regular exercise makes can make you more resilient to mental fatigue. The benefits of regular exercise are numerous. More and more studies are finding the benefits of exercise and the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, many people are recognizing that "sitting is the new smoking" as far as it relates to your health. A recent article from the New York Times discussed a recent study on how being unfit is almost as bad as smoking. The study followed a group of men for 50 years. They found, "not surprisingly, smoking had the greatest impact on lifespan. It substantially shortened lives. But low aerobic capacity wasn't far behind. The me

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