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It’s Not (All) About The Bike – Part 1

It’s Not (All) About The Bike – Part 1 A few months ago I came across a discussion thread online about the benefits of a proper bike fit. The original question was along the lines of “If my knee is painful while riding my bike, should I invest my money in my body or a bike fit?” The ensuing discussion was really interesting. The overall consensus of the arm-chair bike experts were to get a good bike fit and that if you are in pain on a bike, it’s all about the bike. Well, frankly, I disagree. And this is coming from a person who performs bike fits as part of MY JOB! The more bike fits I do, the more I realize it is more about the body on the bike than the bike fit itself. Yes, a proper, prof

To Anyone Who Makes Choices...

“Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.” -Unknown It is ingrained into us that, as Americans, we have the freedom of choice. We have the freedom to choose how and where we can practice our religious beliefs. We have the freedom to choose which political candidate we want to vote for. A competitive free market allows us to choose what goods we want to buy, who supplies them, and to a certain, subconscious economic extent, at what prices they are available to us. Freedom of speech laws (for the most part, some speech is still restricted in the U.S.) allow us to choose what we want to say and how we wish we to ex

Sugarless: The Journey I Never Thought I'd Take (Again), but Am Glad I Did

Part I: Sweet and Very Low- Giving up Sugar to Stabilize My Health I, Sarah Sturch, am a certified crazy person. Okay, that’s super dramatic. I’m not “certified” in anything. Not in PT, not in pilates, not in crazy, but I am a self-proclaimed explorer and love to challenge my mental and physical limits. I am also someone who can be very (and I mean VERY) stubborn when I want to be. For example, I had never done hot yoga in my life until about six months ago, but I decided my first bikram session should be an hour and a half long and that I wasn’t going to leave the room unless I thought I was going to absolutely pass out. During my undergraduate degree I went to school full time and worked 6

Sitting Still: 3 Techniques to Improve Your Zen (but Mostly Your Health)

My brown, semi-shag carpet gently hugs my feet and my legs as I sit down and prepare to (dun, dun, duuun) meditate. I’m supposed to only focus on my breathing, so they say. I start my timer, and go through a couple repetitions of inhale and exhale. Who is “they,” anyway? This is so easy, why do people complain about meditation being hard? All that is required is a steel-type focus. It’s like my anatomy class in college, all I needed to do there was focus and I aced that class. That professor was such a jerk. I catch myself; I have lost the focus of my rhythmic breathing, okay, time to buckle down and really just clear my mind. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Shoot, I didn’t respond to that e

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