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Which Side Are You On?

Question: What do humpback whales, lemurs, toads, chimps, and humans all have in common? No...seriously. Answer: These creatures all have a dominant "side". Humpback whales bottom-feed on their right side. Lemurs tend to be lefties when it comes to grabbing their food. Toads use their right forepaw more than their left. Chimpanzees hold a branch up with the left hand and pick the fruit with their right hand. Humans usually balance their center of gravity over their right leg for functional ease and postural security. (1.) When patients come into our clinic, they will tell us that they have shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc. One of our first questions to our patients is "Which side are

How Your Life Affects Your Death, and Everything In Between

If you’re reading this, you might not know how important your life is for your death. According to, well, all of science, 100% of humans will die in their lifetime. That means at some point in your life, you will die. Sounds depressing, I know, but bare with me here as I demonstrate how important it is that you live well so you can die (and age) as well as you possibly can. Since I was raised in modern Western society, I recognize that I have been pretty removed from the concept of death. Traditional European society has a habit of making death more “beautiful” and clinical than it really is. Almost everyone in my family has been traditionally embalmed, placed in a casket, and buried six fee

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