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Summer Shredding

It may have been a while since the last time you could strap on your boots, grabbed some friends and headed to the slopes. That doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for next season! Whether you want to get yourself ready for the start of next season or just simply get into shape, an off season training program can do the trick. Before you start looking into those funky road skis and all the expensive equipment that seems to go along with skiing, STOP! All you need for an effective off season program is some weights and motivation. Here are some basic exercises to help you get started. A great exercise for your quadriceps is a good old fashion squat. Since you usually don’t ski down the hil

Less is More

Colorado's beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, and challenging courses all push people to get out and enjoy a great round of golf. It is often difficult for me to get a round of golf in, but I enjoy it to its fullest when I get the chance to. As a therapist, I often feel that I cannot just watch people and simply exist (which I am working on). It is in my DNA to observe and analyze movements and patterns. If you have ever had the privilege of golfing with me, you will quickly realize that I am not a golf pro. For the safety of the general public, I should be banned from most courses. That being said, I find the mechanics of the golf swing to be fascinating. It is a very complex task that re

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