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ProLog: How Exercise Makes You More Resilient to Mental Fatigue

Here at ProActive we are very pro-exercise. There are always more studies coming out demonstrating the benefits of regular exercise. This recent article is from Brad Stulberg who is consistently sharing quality information about health, wellness, and performance. He discusses that "...exercise — likely due to its unique combination of being hard on the body (this hurts), being hard on the brain (I want to quit but I’ll keep going), and the physiological changes it elicits (e.g., decreased blood pressure) — makes people more resilient not only to physical stress, but also to emotional and cognitive stress." Check out the article for more information! Or check out the great info-graphic below

Introducing....The ProLog!

What is a ProLog? No, not the first stage of the Tour de France. The ProLog is the ProActive Blog that helps you Prosper. We are dedicated to help you thrive in and out of the clinic. With all the information out on the internet we want to help sift through the web and provide quality information about health, wellness, and performance to help you Prosper. Some posts will come from the smart minds of the clinicians at ProActive and others will come from trusted sources out there on the internet. We will try to keep the ProLog short (less than 90 seconds) so that you can get back to other parts of your life. However, many will have a link for more information if you so desire to learn more. L

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