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Introducing....The ProLog!

What is a ProLog? No, not the first stage of the Tour de France. The ProLog is the ProActive Blog that helps you Prosper. We are dedicated to help you thrive in and out of the clinic. With all the information out on the internet we want to help sift through the web and provide quality information about health, wellness, and performance to help you Prosper. Some posts will come from the smart minds of the clinicians at ProActive and others will come from trusted sources out there on the internet.

We will try to keep the ProLog short (less than 90 seconds) so that you can get back to other parts of your life. However, many will have a link for more information if you so desire to learn more.

Let us know if you have any questions and if you have any requests of things to learn about!

Stay tuned for the ProLog!

Be ProActive. Prosper.

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