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ProLog: Stress is Stress

Below is a great (quick) article about recovery and stress. It emphasizes something I have been following very closely the past 2+ years: stress. Training for a triathlon, running race, or other physical endeavor elicits a stress to the body. The goal of training is to stress the body then allow for a period of recovery to allow for adaptation. This adaptation allows the body to become stronger, faster, and have better endurance.

If you have too much stress and not enough recovery, adaptation does not occur. This can lead to breakdown of the body or decreased performance.

What we are learning more and more now is that any type of stress will reduce recovery. Life and work stress can negatively affect your training adaptations. Training stress with inadequate recovery will reduce you ability to tolerate life and work stress.

Compounding work, life, and training stress can lead to injuries, fatigue, poor sleep, reduced training response, and reduced tolerance for life's stressful events.

Stay tuned with more ProLogs about stress, as there is much to cover and discuss. Check out the Outside Magazine article here!

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